Reloading and Bullet Casting

I currently reload my own cartridges for the following calibers: 

                      .223/5.56mm        .308/7.62mm          .44  Magnum 
                          .45 ACP                 .45 Colt                .454 Casull
Basically . . . metalic cartridges fall into two types:  Rifle (bottleneck) and Handgun (straight walled).  I haven't bought any centerfire ammo in years because I reload my own at 1/4 to 1/2 the cost, and, handloads are usually as good or better than any premium ammo you can buy.  I've taught reloading classes in the past and could teach you a basic reloading course. If you want to learn how to craft your own ammunition, contact me.
I have also recently got into casting my own lead bullets for the .44mag, .45 ACP, and .454 Casull.  Below are some pictures related to reloading and casting:

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