Ruger Super Blackhawk  .454 Bisley

Ruger Super Redhawk  .454 Toklat

Ruger Super Blackhawk  .44 Mag  5 1/2"

Ruger Super Redhawk  .454   7 1/2"

Ruger .22  Mark III Target

Ruger .22/.22 Mag  Single Six

Ruger .22  Standard

Para  P-14  45ACP

S&W  45ACP  Commander

Springfield  XDS  45 ACP

Rossi   .454  Lever

Henry  .17  Lever  Goldenboy

Henry   .22  Lever  H001

Remington  .22  511 Bolt

Winchester  12 GA  Model  1897

Ithica  20 GA  Model  37

Bushmaster  308 ORC (7.62)

S&W  15-22

S&W  M&P 15  (5.56)

I love finely crafted weapons, and especially like big bore handguns, lever action rifles, and .22 caliber handguns and rifles.  I reload all my own ammo for my centerfire weapons, and handcast boolits for my centerfire handguns.  Here are some pictures of guns I currently own:

(I hope to add more in the future.)

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